Beekman Rare Earth Collection


$ 32.00 

Your skin's beauty is buried under all of the chemicals and pollutants it's exposed to on a daily basis (including some of the products you intentionally use!). Beekman 1802 soaps are made with the highest percentage of pure goat milk from Beekman 1802 farm to help maintain skin pH and moisture and gently clean the skin of your face and body to unearth its true beauty. In this special collection, they've added a few special minerals they've dug up to give your skin just a hint of shimmer. We like to call it "sparkling clean".
  • The soaps are packed in a special keepsake box that is individually hand-crafted from stainless steel by B. 1802 blacksmith in Sharon Springs, NY
  • When you are done with your soaps, use the box to hold your own treasures
  • Each box contains 6 gold, 6 silver and 6 copper bars
  • Each bar measures 1.5 inches square is 1.4 inch thick

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